More than a jersey campaign '23 for 11TEAMSPORTS
Photography: Taya Jevtic​​​​​​​
Design: Aleksej Makarov​​​​​​​
It was an interesting project and it was fun to work on it with such an amazing team. A few words about the shoot itself - lighting should have remained consistent, despite shooting in two cities - Munich and Berlin. Therefore, I planned a setting that we could recreate in both locations. All shots were taken against a grey background, to ensure seamless integration of all three talents in post-production. During the shooting process, we carefully coordinated the positioning and expressions of the talents to capture the desired mood and atmosphere for the project.
Photos of the jerseys were taken on one day, and I used the grey background as well, because it was planned to be removed for further usage of the pictures. I used a clothing rack to hang the jerseys, fishing line to fix them in place, and a ventilator to add movement, ensuring dynamic shots.
Behind the scenes | Photography: Berat

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